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Giving a little extra.

“We went from being friends and colleagues to being more like siblings. It’s pretty cool.”

This is how Jim Sollisch, creative director and associate partner of Marcus Thomas, describes his relationship with his coworker, Joanne Kim, after donating his kidney to save her life. 

Joanne Kim was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy, an immune disease of the kidney, when she was 25 years old. She went on living her everyday life while, essentially, waiting for her kidney to get weak enough to pursue a donor and have surgery.

When her kidney function dropped below twenty percent, friends and family stepped up, willing to give up an organ for Joanne. After her niece and husband were rejected as donors, Jim Sollisch was at Joanne’s office, requesting to be next in line to be tested. As he has been in good health all his life, Jim felt he had a good chance of passing, and he was right.

The surgery took place in February of 2012, and both Joanne and Jim walked away from surgery in good health and in record timing – he was back to work in 10 days, and Joanne in six weeks.

Jim’s great act of kindness for his friend has created a special, lifelong bond between these two. In good health and good spirits, both Jim and Joanne continue to thrive as dear friends and cherished leaders of Marcus Thomas.

Now that is “Making a Mark.”