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Content Marketing

Extract strategic power from content for lead-to-revenue or brand engagement.

Content marketing has many definitions, but to most marketers it’s all about creating and distributing relevant content to a well-defined audience to affect their behavior.

That said, many marketers today look for content marketing experts to help them accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Generate more leads in a B2B or B2C lead-to-revenue context
  • Supplement traditional media outreach for branding, promotion or other acquisition campaigns
  • Correct or assist in elevating a company's search profile and visibility

Marcus Thomas is an agency with decades of content marketing experience, beginning with creation and production of branded content television programming in the 1950s and evolving to today’s multiplatform, multi-audience content marketing programs.

In fact, in 2014 and 2015, the Content Marketing Institute named us one of the world’s top 10 Content Marketing Agencies.

Our success comes from a deep understanding of the Value Exchange that exists between customers/consumers and brands. The insights we can derive from this awareness shape customer personas, articulate customer journeys, plus inform content creation and distribution plans. Our knowledge of media and analytics helps us optimize our efforts, whether they’re part of a traditional CPG branding effort or a B2B lead gen and marketing automation effort.