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Digital Marketing and Innovation

Digital technologies are changing the way we live, interact and shop.

It almost seems these days that digital marketing is following Moore's law – doubling in options and complexity every two years. When the term was first used in the early 90s, there was AOL and the humble beginnings of the Web. Today there are an estimated 250 million websites, more than 2 billion people using social media, an ever-growing list of connected devices and an ongoing trend toward even more connectivity.

Every year brings new innovations and buzzwords such as social networks, mobile apps, content management solutions, marketing automation, content marketing, the Internet of Things and big data. With these advances comes the need to reassess digital strategies to see if and how a new advancement might fit.

What started as a simple new medium in which to display advertising has evolved to a complex matrix of tools and platforms through which brands can create experiences and shape their relationships with their customers. Digital marketing can now augment every step in a customer's buyer journey. Done right, it allows a one-to-one relationship to be formed between the brand and a customer or consumer, with ongoing, active participation by both.

When it comes to development, Marcus Thomas is a technology agnostic agency. We do not embrace exclusive partnerships with technology companies. Instead, we recommend the solutions that are most appropriate for the client’s objectives and the audience needs. Our front-end and back-end development teams continually refine their best practices to stay ahead of the ever-changing environment in which we work. In addition we have established partnerships with a variety of CMS providers to give us the flexibility our clients need.