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Performance Optimization and Analytics

There is power in information. And even more power in proof.

There has never been a time in the history of marketing where things have been more measurable. The amount of data generated by websites, apps, TV spots, interactive ads and email provides today’s marketer a nearly limitless amount of data to review and analyze.

With the ability to measure so much, the expectation has been set by CEOs and CFOs that marketing can be fully accountable for what we do. But of course the media headlines about big data and measurability often oversimplify what is a very complicated task. Having piles and piles of data doesn’t make it useful in and of itself. To make data useful, you need strategy, organization and analysis.

As with any marketing effort, optimization and analysis need to start with a goal. You must first ask the question of what you want to get from the data. If you want to understand which channels are driving top-of-the funnel activity versus conversions, attribution analysis is needed. If you want to understand which messages and activities are generating the most leads, then segmenting your marketing automation and CRM data by audience and conversion would help create efficiencies in communication. Maybe you think you know your best customer, but does your data confirm that? Analysis of marketing and performance data leveraging a data management platform (DMP) tool would be ideal.

We know that every client’s situation is unique, and we develop and deploy solutions to meet your needs. From basic Google Analytics tracking to social media analysis to big data crunching, we build a team and tool set that is scaled to your current situation, but with a vision of where you will need to be in the coming years. Marcus Thomas is committed to guiding clients through the world of data and performance optimization, from the first step to the most robust performance programs.