Expertise / Research and Market Intelligence

Research and Market Intelligence

Inspiration delivered through data.

Our research community of practice uses frontline experience, inspired ideas and state-of-the-science analytics to develop, plan, implement and optimize marketing strategies – or better said, to provide the insights needed to solve problems for our B2C and B2B clients across our agency’s core categories.

We believe there’s an art to the science of marketing research. We focus on answering who, what, when, where and why people relate to products, services and brands.

We're experts in traditional and innovative research methodologies, and we provide strategic solutions to help answer your questions through tools such as quantitative and qualitative research, social listening, ethnography, competitive intelligence and trends analysis. Areas of expertise include segmentation and targeting strategy, brand and positioning strategy, new product development and optimization (including Prediction Markets), pricing strategy and predictive analytics.

We develop custom plans of action that help clients make decisions and accomplish their goals. And rather than simply delivering data as the culmination of a research engagement, we produce sound and creative solutions for our clients.

Curiosity permeates who we are and what we do. To each engagement, we bring divergent interests, inquisitiveness and, above all, an ability to collaborate and share ideas with our clients. This stems from who we are as individuals – anthropologists, research geeks, trendspotters, writers, storytellers and thinkers.