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Becoming Content Brands

Continuing the topic of SXSW, I came away with a number of key takeaways, but one that kept me thinking was from a panel titled “How to Harvest Consumer Intent from the Social Web.” The panel was led by AJ Vaynerchuck, Edward Boches, Farrah Bostic and Jeff Janer.

The gist of the takeaway is that, as marketers, we are continuously finding ways to engage with our audiences as they partake in social spaces; Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, etc. We use social graphs to learn how to best share messages about our brand, answer consumer questions, provide special offers, and much more. And all this activity has helped, in many cases, to create loyal followers and grow the bottom line.

However, with the current explosion of Pinterest and the many other bookmarking platforms that continue to emerge, how will we leverage all this interest knowledge? Some marketers are beginning to create interest graphs that detail the interests of consumers and potential consumers. And, as the panel shared, marketers need to dig into this information and move away from providing branded content and become content brands. Becoming content brands aligns with consumer interests and makes us more valuable to the consumer. A few examples that the panel shared that are worth checking out are:

  • Burberry on Pinterest – they offer content that relates to Burberry brand, through a plethora of London images
  • ModCloth on Pinterest – they tap into the creative expression of the brand that consumers love and share boards created with this interest in mind