Thinking / The Best Way to Get to a Millennial? Through a glass.

The Best Way to Get to a Millennial? Through a glass.

The Millennial and the Milkologist

Eagle Family Foods Group challenged Marcus Thomas to build sales of Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk outside of the baking months when its sweetened condensed milk product is frequently used for holiday recipes. Marcus Thomas took the challenge and ran full steam ahead, starting with an insight on condensed milk: it's a popular year-round ingredient in drinks and its popularity is embraced worldwide too.

What do you do when challenged to take Sweetened Condensed Milk outside of its holiday comfort zone? Oh, and you'd like to connect with your core consumer (middle-aged baker) and your new Millennial customer?

First, you start with a glass rather than a dish. Then you turn a mixologist into a milkologist, of course.

We brought in noted mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer, president of the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild, New York, and who has been featured on Food Network, "Fox & Friends," NBC, and magazines from Glamour, Zagat and The Village Voice. She became The Milkologist. The agency created four, :43-:50 recipe videos with Pamela showing how to use sweetened condensed milk to create drinks from around the world:

Virgin Pina Colada
Matcha Green Tea Latte
Brazilian Lemonade
Egg Cream

Along with the videos, static images were shot to create two fully optimized Pinterest pins, and four new recipe images and pages on

"As was to be expected, the brand had been focused on the same audience for decades and we showed them it was time to make a shift," said Jim Sollisch, partner/creative director on the Eagle account. "But then we needed to face the fact that millennials may not be ready to make a cheesecake with condensed milk; the Milkologist gave us a fun and relevant way to bring the brand to their lives."

The campaign received the following results:

  • 3.3MM video views
  • 1,242 new Facebook fans
  • 2,273 social shares
  • 21% social purchase/use intent
  • 31,656 clicks to brand site
  • 722 Pinterest repins