Thinking / Booze Brands Drive to Social to Drive Social Drinking

Booze Brands Drive to Social to Drive Social Drinking

If you think you’ve been seeing a lot more activity from the beer and booze brands on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, you’d be correct. And for good reason.

New data indicates that millennials (18-34) are more likely to drink (59% for men and 43% for women) than their older counterparts, and more than 30% more likely to engage with social media too. Equally important, according to the 2012 Performics participant and social engagement study, alcoholic beverage brands trail most other categories in the percentage of social users likely to "follow."

So, it doesn't take a marketer with beer goggles to figure the opportunity here and many have taken the leap to grow their social presence. If you're in the spirits biz, step away from the bar and get your brand(s) to social, and make your content engaging and sharable.

But don't be too surprised if your young drinkers don't publicly pronounce their love for your brand. Their moms (and their employers, colleges, etc.) have all made it clear that they find it unacceptable.

Consequently, when you're preparing your millennial-facing social campaigns, be sure to use other indicators besides "likes" when measuring their impact.