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Harvest content in your own backyard

More and more CMOs and their teams are embracing content marketing. They're working hard on developing their content marketing strategy, their content strategy, content sourcing, channels and measurement. This is all great stuff.

But one thing I think marketers don't do enough of is observe and capture content around them. Yep, right under their noses. The low hanging fruit.

Certainly, you may have a content marketing strategy where that's not so important, but I'm guessing, for most companies, grabbing great content from anywhere is important. Especially since we never seem to have enough of it.

Think about it for a minute. If your content strategy is to support your ecommerce business, just showing pictures or video of your products is going to get boring in a minute. The same is true of service marketing. (We don't need more images of guys in suits shaking hands with silver-haired clients.) Enhance your storytelling with images and video of the surroundings, the process, the ingredients, the people you impact... Shoot everything, where ever and whenever you can.

For example, if you're doing a photoshoot, take pictures and video of the people shooting the photos. Behind the scenes images and video are packed with emotion. If you're at a trade show launching a new product, take photos of the booth set up, walk the floor and capture the energy of the crowd. Grab pics at your client dinner or at the charity golf tournament. (Unless of course, you're in Vegas...)

The bottom line is, it's 2016 and we're all carrying a production studio in our hands -- photos, videos, panoramas, FX, slow-mo... There's no excuse for missing a shot, missing a memory, missing an ingredient, missing a way to add dimension. And this is true even if you've hired a professional photographer; more is always better.

If your team isn't skilled at photography/videography, hire a professional (or find your in-house expert) to do a little in-house photography training. This way, you'll have an army of content creators and harvesters, and you might just be surprised with what they create.