Thinking / Learn, Be Inspired or Both

Learn, Be Inspired or Both

Several years ago, our creative director, Jim Sollisch, encouraged us to look outside our industry for inspiration and to apply that inspiration to our communications work. He coined the phrase “outside-in thinking” and it stuck.

And believe me – it works. Very well, at that. Simply surround yourself with smart, creative people, listen to their stories, ask questions and amazing things will happen. And often, when and where you least expect it.

We are fortunate that some really cool people from outside our industry have happily agreed to spend a lunch hour with us sharing their approach to creativity, their journey, knowledge and passion. We call this venue our Mindshare program. Its purpose is simple, but broad: learn, be inspired or both.

And that’s exactly what we plan to do this fall. Our guests and lineup include:


And, can you imagine the questions we might ask and the nuggets we’ll learn?

  • How does a composer deal with writer’s block?
  • Who was Valerie Mayen’s fashion mentor and what lessons did she learn from them?
  • How does sustainability promote innovation and even design?
  • How do I go about finding a nonprofit organization that matches my values and passion?

Learn? Be inspired? We choose both!