Thinking / Search Marketing: Being There When the Customer's Looking

Search Marketing: Being There When the Customer's Looking

Search is a demand-driven medium and is all about being there at the exact moment a consumer is looking for you.

The industry moves fast. And if you don’t keep up with the ever-changing search space, your brand is in jeopardy of not being found. Marcus Thomas' search solutions combine talent, audience insights, analytics and technology to deliver brands the results they seek in a cross-device, multiscreen digital ecosystem. Accounting for different intent across different devices allows us to help brands meet consumers when and where they need, and with the right content.

And our approach to search is holistic. We make sure that natural search and paid search are working together to ensure optimal visibility within search results pages.

With search marketing changing so rapidly, staying on top of the latest trends can become a full-time job. Whether you are looking for solutions particular to local search, mobile search or an integrated, cross-device search strategy, we can help you build search programs that will outlast trends and adapt with the ever-evolving industry.