Work / Metrie Brand Story

Introducing the Metrie Brand

The Challenge

This is a story of brand reinvention, technological innovation and flawless production of marketing materials to support thousands of unique SKUs.

Our client, Moulding & Millwork, changed the interior wood trim industry when it reinvented their business and the industry, launching Metrie™. This move extracted value from an age-old business when they introduced a coordinated moulding, trim and door collection that allowed consumers to mix and match with coordinated styles.

Consumers usually like what’s new, but the channel is often resistent – unless you identify what they value.

Marcus Thomas' task was to help Metrie tell this reinvention story. To help them get distribution and support throughout their channel

And in this case, we had a very complicated channel.

  • The A&D community –  Here we needed to give them design options and show them how Metrie could save them time
  • Big Box – The business had just been reinvented. We needed to help them see the potential
  • Consumers/DIYers – We needed to help make the new Metrie approachable, understandable, desirable
  • Lumberyards/Builder Showrooms – We needed to make the in-store experience flawless and easy to accommodate

The Solution

To relaunch this brand, we needed to tell the story across a mix of touchpoints. And they had to be flawless.

Catalogs for the collection. Regional catalogs. The new Metrie2 catalog for the Hospitality space. Retail displays. Plus, the new brand needed to be introduced at the International Builders' Show – just months away. And that couldn’t be just any introduction; the trade show booth needed to be reinvented too. The agency delivered this solution with the first-ever use of iBeacon location-based technologies at IBS, allowing the walls of the display to tell the story – literally.

The Result

U.S. distribution at Lowe's® stores nationwide – and the fulfillment of the Metrie vision for a completely reimagined business.