Work / Okamoto: Grandma, Cucumber and Neighbor

Condom ads designed to make you less excited


Sometimes, you need to think of something else.

Most condom ads are all about sensual pleasure, but what if the product is just too good at delivering that? Marcus Thomas created three 15-second spots for Okamoto condoms that suggest a remedy for the problem – and it brings some levity to an often overwrought category.


Demonstrate how thin the Okamoto .004 condom is without using specifications or dimensions in an online advertisement.

Context and Solution:

Okamoto makes one of the world’s thinnest condoms.  But this isn’t a claim we can prove using facts.  In addition, the world of condom advertising is filled with spots saying “Our condom is so thin it feels like nothing.”  As if the problem wasn’t tough enough, we had a tiny budget, under $20,000.  So we decided to issue a warning:  “So thin, you’ll need to think of something else.”  And that’s where we broke some new ground.