Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Our Take

Great ideas know no color. They don't belong or prescribe to any one religion, racial makeup, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Great ideas transcend. That's what makes them great. The same can be said of our employees. Their differences are their strengths. And we leverage those strengths to create work that resonates, not rings hollow.

Courageous Conversations

In 2019, the entire staff at Marcus Thomas engaged in a two-day workshop called Beyond Diversity to understand the impact of race in the work environment and to investigate the role that racism plays in our daily lives. The goal was to begin to transform beliefs and behaviors so people of all races can achieve at their highest levels and live their most powerful and empowered lives. In turn, we believe that contributes to the work we create – work for our clients that is bolder, braver and creates bigger impact.  

Four Agreements  

Stay engaged

Experience discomfort

Speak your truth

Expect/accept non-closure

“The Courageous Conversations training was eye-opening and impactful beyond words. It’s an incredibly powerful experience to have these emotional conversations with co-workers that go beyond the four walls of an office and humanize all of the people around you to understand them on a deeper level – from their past to their present and how that affects their everyday lives and work.”

Courtney Ou, Manager of Programmatic Services

“To fight racism, we need to know where and in what form it exists. Courageous Conversations helped me see where racism lives in the workplace, so I can help remove the obstacles to creating a workplace that welcomes and elevates the voices of everyone.”

TJ Prochaska, Copywriter

“Courageous Conversations has made it easier for me to have conversations with co-workers about why I am who I am – my lived experiences that have shaped the way that I see myself and the world around me. As a Black woman, knowing that everyone at Marcus Thomas now has a deeper understanding of race and the way it impacts our everyday lives further encourages me to be exactly who I am – unapologetically woman and unapologetically Black.”

Joy Smith, Diversity and Talent Acquisition Specialist

Marcus Thomas Diversity Goals:

Just like we tell our clients, everything is measurable. The numbers matter. While we’re far from where we need to be, we work every day to reach the goals we’ve set in front of us.  

CategoryFemaleWhiteBlackLatinxAsianAll Other
executive level31%68%6%6%12%6%
all staff58%85%5%4%4%2%

Categoryexecutive levelall staff
All Other6%2%

HIRING GOALS: Increase hires of color from 12% to 20% by YE 2020.

EDUCATION: Increase participation in affinity groups.

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY: Have 10% of total spend be from diverse suppliers.

Marcus Thomas Affinity Groups

Our affinity groups help create impactful cultural change. They also help us attract, engage, develop and retain a diverse team at Marcus Thomas.

IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity in Action)

We serve as a resource and a model for intentional diversity, inclusion and equity efforts.
We recognize diversity is a daily action to ensure everyone has equal opportunity. We aim to create an environment in which individuals – regardless of age, cultural background, physical abilities, race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully bring their whole selves to work.

Parents @ Work

We are working parents and caregivers, helping one another navigate the many intersections of work and family life with advice, support and resources.

The Table

We bring important issues to The Table. Issues like equal pay, equal representation at all levels of the agency, and sexism in the workplace.
We want everyone to have a seat at The Table. We believe that women’s unique experiences and perspectives help make the work better. But we also acknowledge that we can learn a lot from others, too.
We lay everything out on The Table. This is a brave space where women can listen, learn, laugh, cry, share, empathize and support – with complete anonymity.

Green Team

We work with employees to reduce waste and consumption in an effort to lessen the agency’s environmental impact.
The effects of adopting green practices at home, while important, pale in comparison to adopting these practices in the workplace. The Marcus Thomas Green Team strives to help employees implement greener practices at the office, and break habits that create excessive waste of both materials and resources. We do this through education, waste and sourcing initiatives, and careful vendor management.

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