Digital Marketing and Innovation

This may be the digital age, but the humans are still in charge.

Our Take

It’s likely that you’ve lived your entire life in the digital age. You’ve never known life without Google, a cell phone or time-shifting content. You don’t shift from traditional thinking to digital thinking. You are digital. And now, because you control time, you’ve disintermediated the media companies (and the brands they exposed you to). You choose when you want to engage. Marketers wait for you to come to them. You are in control. 

For over two decades -- from launching the first subscription-based website for a professional sports team to inventing a mobile app that converts music to paint colors -- Marcus Thomas has evolved with the digital age and with digital humans like you. We make and use technology to connect your business operations, to empower your salesforce, to engage with your clients and to measure and optimize all of it, so that it makes sense to the people who pay our bills. 

Today, we're working on ways to help consumers be more productive on their journey, whether it's on foot, on the web, in virtual reality or engaging with their favorite voice-activated family member in "real" reality. 

If you want to learn more, come and visit. There are still some humans around here.


Digital Strategy and Consulting

Digital isn't a bolt-on at Marcus Thomas. Digital is deep in our DNA. Our digital leaders each have more than 20 years experience planning, designing, building and deploying complex digital solutions for some of the world's largest brands, sports teams and corporations. Let us use that experience to help you see digital as more than "things." Let us show you how to use digital thinking to move your business across your enterprise. 

Web and Application Development

Since 1995 we have planned, designed and built more than 600 websites, apps and proprietary technologies for some of the world's largest businesses, including Visa, Nestlé, GE and Sherwin-Williams. We have the deepest (and broadest) development team of any agency in our weight-class. (In fact, we provide development services to other agencies across the U.S.)

Digital Advertising, SEO, SEM

Our digital team is Google Certified in Search and Analytics. We are a regional leader in programmatic media and Content Marketing World ranked us within the top 10 Content Marketing agencies in the World.  

Would you like your reality virtual or augmented?

There are amazing advances made in artificial intelligence, and for marketers many of those advancements are manifest in virtual- or augmented-reality. Virtual reality enables brands to visualize concepts may not be "real," e.g., a building that has yet to be built. Augmented reality enables brands to let their customer engage with their messages,  their products and their people without actually being present with them. The digital team at Marcus Thomas is helping to introduce clients to both of these emerging technologies, as their application is becoming more and more affordable.

Chat bots and voice activated assistants

There is no question that voice activated technologies driving the future of business (and life). Voice activation creates a technology interface that almost everyone can use. And for those people who are unable to speak, or who choose not to, chat bots are driving incredible change, too. We are working with clients now to use voice (and voice/video) and chat-based assistants to support and enhance their customer engagement and customer experience efforts. "Alexa. Can you look up Marcus Thomas LLC for me?"

Salesforce Powered Solutions of all sizes

Through our subsidiary company, Devs United, Marcus Thomas delivers custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration and Development, including Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud connections to third party CRM platforms including MS Dynamics and Sugar; DAM  & CMS integration (e.g: Adobe Experience Manager, Wyden); custom website development for campaign management; custom Marketing Cloud apps (HubExchange apps) and custom Journey Builder Activities.

More Marcus Thomas Solutions

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