Performance Optimization and Analytics

There is power in information. And even more power in proof.

Our Take

There has never been a time in the history of marketing where things have been more measurable. The amount of data generated by websites, apps, TV spots, interactive ads and email provides today’s marketer a nearly limitless amount of data to review and analyze.

With the ability to measure so much, CEOs, CMOs and CFOs expect marketing to be fully accountable. But of course the media headlines about big data and measurability often oversimplify what is a very complicated task. Having piles and piles of data doesn’t make it useful in and of itself. To make data useful, you need strategy, organization and analysis. That’s what we do.

Our experienced team of data scientists – enriched by our 2022 acquisition of data powerhouse ROIsights – can help you with planning your complete marketing measurement infrastructure, conducting performance and attribution analysis and constructing dashboards to deliver actionable data. The ROInsights team can even deliver Analytics As A Service, to help you find deeper insights, hidden correlations, and unexpected trends in your data. 


Analytics as a Service

For some companies, the challenge of designing and staffing a comprehensive data analysis team can be daunting. ROInsights solves this problem with Analytics as a Service. This on demand service helps you find deeper insights, hidden correlations, and unexpected trends in your data. 

We deliver unbiased Analytics, Audience Analytics and Strategy, Website and Campaign Tracking, Google Analytics 4 Implementation, Competitive and Market Intelligence, Data Stewardship.

We look forward to being an extension of your team. 

Data Strategy

Building a data driven culture isn’t achieved overnight. With ROInsights, we will create and implement a scalable data strategy to ensure your organization is focused on your new single source of truth.

Data Science

Our data science services will empower you to gain deeper business insights with real world applications. Our enablement team is comprised of business savvy data engineers who can quickly understand your business needs and implement meaningful solutions.

Data Analytics

ROInsights offers a comprehensive range of analytics consulting services. With actionable insights presented in a way that makes decision making easier, less time consuming, and more precise, you’ll see immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency, & ROI.

Data Management

ROInsights will help you maximize the ROI on business, marketing, and data investments. We are your long term partner that will scale and evolve your data initiatives as your business grows and priorities change.

Funnel Management

Measurement starts before a single ad is designed or a landing page is built. Your KPI must to work together to create a comprehensive environment for activation across all your channels. Our strategy and measurement process ensures that all touchpoints are working together to deliver business outcomes.

Campaign Performance Monitoring and Management

Today’s marketing campaigns have more levers to adjust and optimize than ever. Our media, analytics and strategy teams work seamlessly to adjust and optimized every impression, click and activation to deliver the best performance possible. Through real-time dashboards, automated scripts and the human touch that brings it all together, we always know what’s working and where to spend the next dollar.

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