Production Services

As much as we’d just like to ask Alexa, it takes real people to produce excellence.

Our Take

Big ideas are the centerpiece of advertising, but ideas are nothing if they’re not executed to perfection. That's where our professionals in print, broadcast and digital production come in. Our production team works with our creative teams to bring the vision to life, on budget and on time. 

From photo retouching to print sourcing, pre-press to complex finishing, our print producers work closely with creative directors to explore options and with art directors to achieve perfect reproduction. Our video producers work closely with our creative teams to source talent, locations and necessary third-party services to deliver a variety of video product, from :15, :30 and :60 spots to longer-form DRT and web content. Our digital strategists and creative teams rely on our digital producers to plan, source and coordinate specialty digital services, from interactive banners to promotional websites and unique technologies for mobile, in-store and out of home applications.


Video Production

Marcus Thomas was an innovator in television production, producing broadcast television programs for clients since 1946 and innovating the country's first live lottery television show in 1987. Today, we continue to innovate, producing live shows, web programming and television commercials for clients nationwide, working with a variety of national video production companies and our partner Think Media Studios. 

Specifically, our in-house production team provides

  • Production Scheduling
  • Location Scouting
  • Cast and Crew Sourcing
  • Video Editing


Sometimes reality isn't "real" enough or perfect enough or representative of the brand enough. That's when our retouching experts step in to make your products, people or the environment look just right. 


There are many times when your vision (or the creative team's vision) doesn't exist, or where parts of it exist and others need to be added. Or where you need to control certain aspects of the shoot but it needs to appear "natural." Yep. It's time for photocomposition. 

Digital Illustration

Photo illustration is within the wheelhouse of our production team. In fact, if we needed to make a photo of a wheelhouse, we could create one using photo illustration techniques. Ok. I get it; we'll need to show you.

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