Public and Media Relations

At the core, we're storytellers.

Our Take

We fixate on driving business outcomes, strategically plotting public relations efforts along the customer buying journey, addressing pain points and information needs that most effectively and efficiently influence purchase decisions.

Our team includes journalists with decades of newsroom experience. We know how the consumer and trade media think. And we understand their pressures and deadlines. We’ve been in their shoes.

The digital information age has changed the way people consume and validate information. We view public relations broadly, taking our clients’ stories to and beyond traditional news outlets, making the most of their investment.


Public Relations Strategy

The public relations professionals at Marcus Thomas leverage their experience and extensive research tools to create strategies based upon a clear understanding of the current environment, audience perceptions and the assets available to achieve alignment between our client and their key audiences.

Crisis Communications

Crisis communications is strategic communications based upon anticipated, but as yet-to-happen, circumstances. Our team has extensive experience in developing, socializing and executing crisis communications plans for consumer, B2B and industrial clients.

Public Relations in the Digital Age

Public relations today needs to consider the channels controlled by commercial media but also the new media, controlled by the public itself. Our team is experienced with planning, executing and evaluating public relations programs that include this emerging reality, whether through direct communications, influencers and other social and user-generated strategies. 

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership plays a key role for nearly all companies today, largely because of the public's reliance upon Search for their early product and service selection. Our public relations team uses sophisticated methods to use Search and Social monitoring and research to uncover opportunities for our clients to enter conversations deemed important by their customers.

Insights, commentary and news

Public and Media Relations
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