The Content Box

Content is king. And the king is a hungry ruler.

Our Take

Content today needs to respond to trends, culture and news. And it can’t wait for months-long production schedules. The Content Box is Marcus Thomas’ in-house content studio, ready to help our clients engage their brand followers irrespective of the platform.

The Content Box is organized specifically to plan and execute quick-turnaround photography, short-form video, interviews and engaging animations and GIFs, but we know this offering will grow to adapt to the every-changing, always-on world.


Short-form video production

Social media and owned web platforms gobble up content  like a teen-ager chows down on Fruit Loops. And short-form video is the snack of choice. And even though most of this video is just 6 to 30 seconds in length, it requires a lot of thought and amazing creativity. Who knew? That's what we do in the Content Box.


Sometimes complex concepts need to be boiled down into very simple messages. Animation fits the bill here, and the Content Box staff works with our brands to get it done quickly, on budget and on brand, whether is type, video of stop-motion animation.


Photography is the stock-n-trade of the Content Box. From table top to food to general product photography, we can shoot it in the Box or on location.


Sometimes your thought leaders don't have the time to write a deep response to a breaking trend or news item. If that's the case, a video Q&A can get their point across, complete with other visual support. Great for internal communications, blogs and other situations where personal input is needed.


Gotta tell you. If people get any busier, there attention span's gonna be too short to measure. In the meantime, the team in the Content Box will meet their need to brevity with engaging brand-focused GIFs crafted from photography, video other other looping content. 

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