Can your app turn music into color?

Millennials are just starting out on their adult journey. New spouse. New house. Lots of painting. Lots of opportunity for 100+-year-old paint brand Dutch Boy®. But Millennials are a picky bunch. They like to try new things, but only if the risk of failure is low. And brands trying to connect with Millennials are faced with consumers who have lots of options, particularly in the media and technology they use. When you connect with them, you’ve got to engage on their terms, about them and the things they’re passionate about. 

To make this happen, Marcus Thomas designed and developed paintlist, a patented mobile app for both the iOS and Android platforms that mixes a user’s music into color palettes for their home. We supported the launch with a new Dutch Boy website, in-store POS, digital media buys targeted by user type and interests, and with blogger outreach.

This campaign was covered by The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, plus a number of leading paint and interior design blogs. More than 60,000 downloads of the app took place in the first three months and it’s ranked among the top 100 lifestyle apps. We also secured an unheard of multiyear retail contract for the brand. Music to our ears.

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