This superfood just got super-er.



PumpkinCan 2.0 was all about overcoming consumer perceptions of pumpkin as solely a fall staple, while driving LIBBY’S® Pumpkin brand affinity during the off-season. 


We believed that if our traditional LIBBY’S consumers knew and were reminded in the off-season about the versatility and health benefits of pumpkin with simple and demonstrative examples, then they would be enticed to use pumpkin in new ways and occasions. We developed four strategies to prove our thinking:

  • Focus on our loyalists. Target them through media and stay true to the uses they’re most likely to try.
  • Reach further down the funnel. Interrupt their searching for recipes – when they’re already on a path to buy.
  • Demonstrate. Show that adding LIBBY’S #pumpkincan be easy and creates a delicious outcome.
  • Encourage experimentation. Challenge consumers to take simple steps to experiment themselves.


To accomplish this, we continued to focus on our current customers; we leveraged existing content; we added simple (but powerful) instructional videos and amazing static content for sharing. (We provided links to those videos and images.) And we focused on multiple touchpoints:

  1. LIBBY’S #PumpkinCan Hub was integrated into and continued to tout the diversity of pumpkin, encouraging sharing and purchases with coupon incentives. The site featured dozens of unique tips, ideas and facts about pumpkin.
  2. Satellite Media Tour Event – We leveraged an “April Fool’s Day” angle to “fool” recipes with LIBBY’S – making dishes more delicious, while cutting fat and cholesterol per serving.
  3. An Army of Influencers – Nine food & lifestyle bloggers and vloggers created their own pumpkin ideas and shared them on their social platforms.
  4. Paid Social Content – #PumpkinCan content took over LIBBY’S Facebook and Pinterest accounts and Paid Search captured searches against pumpkin keywords and recipe content driving to hub.
  5. We incentivized purchase with coupons.


And it all worked beautifully: We drove purchase intent by 83%, increased interest in experimenting with pumpkin by 93%, and we increased the brand's Net Promoter Score by 60+ points. 

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